Teeka Tiwari and Fernando Cruz team up for a live webinar titled:

“5 Coins to $5 Million”

Right now, over 100 billionaires are in a buying frenzy, preparing for a rare crypto market phenomenon 100% guaranteed to happen. The last time it happened (which was back in 2016 and won’t happen again until 2024), you could’ve turned $500 into as much as $5 million… in 10 months. Teeka will explain what this little-known event is and share details on the handful of tiny coins insiders are buying now. Plus he reveals why it’s a 100% certainty it will happen.

A Moneymaking Situation BIGGER
Than The Crypto Boom Of 2017 and the Second Boom of 2018

Forbes says it’s a rare crypto event “few are talking about or understand.”

Bloomberg reports that billionaires have moved $10 billion into Bitcoin to prepare for it.


Because the last time this phenomenon hit the crypto market, a handful of tiny cryptocurrencies trading for pennies rocketed to astronomical heights.

If you knew the right moves to make, $500 starting stakes could have turned into $1.4 million… $2.07 million… and $5.1 million.

All in as little as 10 months.

And that’s what we have in store for your audience. This is certainly one not to be missed and I suspect many of you will be cashing some pretty hefty affiliate checks.

Event Details

DATE: Wednesday,
September 18
8:00 PM ET

WHERE: Website TBD