A note of thanks and things to come:
First, a huge thank you to all the affiliates and partners who helped us get to where we are.

When we opened this affiliate program, my team and I set out to launch the biggest marketing campaign in the financial newsletter space. You had NO reason to believe us, NO proof it would be a success, NO track record with such an undertaking, and yet... you took the plunge with us.

And it paid off ... Over $10 Million in affiliate sales were generated in just two weeks, and we achieved our goal of the biggest campaign in the entire financial newsletter space with a whopping $23 Million from that one campaign.

Eight months after that, I invited you to join us again... and while we had done it once before, you could have thought "nah that was luck" or "that first one was just a fluke"... but you didn't. You took the plunge with us, and yet again, we shattered records. In fact, we beat our own record with almost $26 Million in sales!

That's two times in a row we did what no one else in the financial newsletter world has done. All told, those two campaigns alone did almost $50 Million in sales and handing affiliate partners millions upon millions of dollars.

So thank you. Seriously. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for your trust, your business and your willingness to go on these journeys with us. We've taken great pride in having paid millions and millions of dollars to partners like you.

But the best is yet to come. This next deal will be much, much bigger than our last two... and again... COMBINED. This next project will create life-changing income for a few select partners. Guaranteed.

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Fernando Cruz
Managing Partner, Legacy Research

About Legacy Research

Legacy Research Group is one of the largest independent publishing companies in the world, with two million readers in over 140 countries.

From the beginning, independence has been the key to Legacy Research’s success. Unlike the mainstream press, we don’t make our money from corporate advertisers. And unlike Wall Street, we don’t take commissions or fees from the companies we cover in our newsletters.

Instead, we sell ideas, opinions, and recommendations. What you see is what you get. There’s no more to it.

Our mission is to provide readers with a broad view of the world. So, we ask questions. We research and test. But we do not claim to have the last word on every issue. We explore ideas with our readers... so they can decide for themselves.

That means we don’t have a one-size-fits-all approach to finance and investing. Each publisher under the Legacy umbrella has its own unique culture and outlook... Just like each of our readers has his or her own personal investing style.

Bullish or bearish... Conservative or speculative... Stocks, options, or cryptos... The common thread is big ideas.

Legacy holds the Top #1 and #2 biggest campaigns in Agora’s 40-year historyCombined, just these two record-breaking campaigns generated almost $50 Million in sales.

We’ve also hosted the highest number of live attendees on Webinar (Meganar) at 100,000 live attendees

Our list of over 250 external affiliate partners is still growing, and to those external affiliate partners, we’ve paid out over $8.4M since opening the program.